~ Had special times and places for doing essential Women’s Work

~ Taught each other how to harvest the wisdom of the Embodied Female Mysteries.

~ Utilized the generosity of the elements, plants, turning seasons, and living planet to heal ourselves, each other, and our communities.

~ Were revered for our essential contribution to humanity, as Life-givers.

~ Were supported, guided, and celebrated in the Female Rites of Passage.

~ Were primally, inextricably, and profoundly inter-connected.


Do you remember too?

Hi! I’m Mariamne. I support amazing women to manifest their longing for greater Leadership, Love, Abundance, and Wellness ~ in service of a brighter future for us all. Together we’re reclaiming our greatest resources as women in these times ~ our innate female body-wisdom, the healing power of Mother Nature, and the truth that we find through our deeper connections with each other. READ MORE HERE.

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