A Feminine Embodiment Practice

The female body is the bridge for human life to come into form from the realm of mystery.

Obviously, we possess uniquely female powers to CREATE. And with these abilities, comes the responsibility to examine ~ and continually redefine ~ our motivations for all that we choose to pour our precious energies into.

Often, we give away our time and love to activities, organizations, or relationships that don’t actually feed us, or our deeper desires. We’re then left feeling depleted. And in turn, we begin to lose touch with our inherent ability to create the life and the world that we truly want for ourselves, each other, and the future generations.

Please join me for this simple Feminine Embodiment Practice ~ Rediscovering Our Deeper Desires.

As always, our Feminine Embodiment Practice is completely experiential. To receive the full benefit of the practice, you have to give it a try for yourself. So take a risk and jump in. The inquiry begins right here inside of our own phenomenal female bodies.

Evening is a wonderful time for Feminine Practice, under the light of the Moon and the Stars, outdoors, with the support of the elements and the nature spirits. But any time or location is perfect. Just dive in whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

If you’re in a warm climate, and have access to a patch of land at night, remove your shoes and step out onto the Earth.

Take a few deep, full belly breaths as you gaze up at the sky, the stars, and/or moon.

What do you see?
How do feel?

When you’re ready, begin moving your awareness down into your belly and Womb area. {If you do not have a physical uterus, you still have a Womb ~ the sacred space at your feminine center.}

Slowing down the breath, continue gazing up at the sky, with some awareness in your Womb.

With each inhale, bring even more awareness into the Womb, from the inside. And continue to gaze up at the beautiful sky.

Now, add some instinctual movement to your practice, beginning with movement in your hips, coordinating your physical movement with the movement of your breath.

What feels good?

What kind of movement brings you alive, relaxes you, and opens your heart and body in this moment?

After a little while of this gazing at the sky, breathing, and moving, add instinctual sound to your movement.

Don’t think about it. Just imagine that there is a sound inside of you that needs to come out.

Allow it.

It may be a soft shhhhh sound with your exhale. It may be a howl, a hoot, a laugh, or a moan.

There is no right way to do this.


And now expand your awareness to include all of these elements at once ~ your sight of the sky, your rhythmic breath, your Womb, your movements, and your sound.

Keep at it for a while.

And without stopping your gazing, breathing deeply, moving, and sounding ~ ask yourself ~ What is it that I truly desire to create?

There is not right way to answer this question.

Maybe you want to create a painting. Maybe you want to create a school for under-privileged children. Both are important, both are good.

Do your best not to censor yourself. All answers and good.

Ask yourself again silently, within ~ What is it that I secretly desire to create?

Allow your answers to morph and shift.

Now, increase the intensity of your movement.

Keep asking yourself this question. Allow your question to morph and shift too.

Keep asking until your answer feels plump, ripe, full, and true

Continue until you’re complete.

You’ll know when.

Take your sweet time with this, allowing the practice to unfurl you.

Consider journal-ing your answers.

Thank the Sky and the Earth for their Light and Steady Power.

Thank your Womb for holding the space for your Deeper Desires…

What did you discover? Was it surprising to you?

With love,

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