In this dark time on Planet Earth, you sense that rumbling-something, under the surface. That yearning, 

that echoed call, that torch-light within, 

guiding and growing. That


our wake-up call. It’s time to come

a little closer to this hunch that, ‘the way things were’ is DONE. 

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And allow the death that makes space for the something-new-that-needs-to-be-born, and-absolutely-will-be,

through us.

Courage. Permission. Follow this yearning, this pull. 

Give life and face to the invisible 

that’s growing in you from the inside. Take that torch-light 

and turn it into a bonfire, a funeral pyre, 

for ‘the way things were’.

Dance with your inkling around the flames, and look for the shape 

& brightness of a new spark. Emerge. Burn 

that conditioning, habituation, indoctrination that told you once and again:

feminine, cycles, 

your body-longing-intuition-and wild calls 

Do not matter. 

And do not exist. 


they do. We are. We 

birth and bleed, and know. The Earth 

turns and the Moon cycles. So do we/these 

miracles of Womanhood simply are. 

untouched by modern madness. 

Our deeper purpose 

cannot be bought or sold.

Our ability to conceive 

a new way, cannot be taken away

from us. These are 

sacred things. Woman things. Our things. 

And we

Are living proof that they exist, and are: necessity, 

whole, and Medicine. The most sane thing 

you can do in these unusual times, is to 

trust the invisible within. 

Pay special attention 

to new ideas that move through. 

Become intimate with the heat of wishes, without 

knowing where they lead. 

Listen to and heed 

your gut-sense-vision of the way things are and are not even 

and especially 

as they change. 

Decline superfluous invitations. Cancel-Say no without explanation.

Today. Reorient yourself to reality…genuine, 

in-the-moment, pulse, sensation


Your body will show the way. 

Be like the wind. Shift things. Sway. 

Look for the sanity of women’s wisdom, the feminine rhythms ~ 

within your womb and heart-mind. 

Find them in Nature. 

Do your best to search for this sanity 

in humanity’s

experience now.

And most importantly ~ 

Synchronize yourself with this: the fertility 

of the Creative Void.

that is being expressed 

our planet now. This 

is where we are. We 

gestate Our Drumbeat.

and you’ve been hearing it, below the noise. 

Woman, this belongs to you. 

Gestation Women’s business It’s 

Undeniably true

Own it Orient Accept Step 


Swing your hips

Remember it 

in your woman flesh and bones. 

that song of your grandmother’s womb-home…


Find your place in the cauldron-tomb-heaven-womb. 

Take a seat 

hold vigil. see 

in the dark. You already know

How to Become

an eager student of the invisible, soon forms the teacher Woman rightful leader

of this. pull from within… 

this urge to feed that invisible fire in the belly of things, 

to create & claim new open s p a c e 

your life ~ it’s proof 

you’re already right 

in this labyrinth


Follow it back to center we will 



what calls to you. the drum you hear. the sixth sense. the mystery 

your body cycles desire dark. 

what you see and don’t see, but sense. 

how you feel. 

T R U S T 


I do. 

Because you possess 

power conception growth death, 

birth bring forth from the formless through that holy gate at the root 

something new. 

we need 

to be born and it can only be

through you.

I believe in you, 

Marianah Jade

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