Like most women who make it to Midlife, I’ve experienced, survived, integrated, and overcome life-threatening/ debilitating/ disempowering/ and downright terrifying experiences… all while doing the heavy lifting of healing the wounds of my lineage. 

Sound familiar?

Through it all, I’ve learned where to find the cracks of light, even in cocoons of the deepest Dark Nights of The Soul. 

I’ve discovered that leaning into the bitter cold winds of despair, enables them to actually carry me. 

I’ve found that it hurts less when I give Voice and Movement to the searing heat of terror. 

I’ve pulled up my courage to rise upon wild tsunamis of grief, and surf. 

I’m doing it now.

I trust wholeheartedly, that even when the rug gets pulled out from under me, and my most reliable resources fall away, there is still something here that will always sustain me. 

I call this sustenance, benevolence, and powerful intelligence ~ The Great Feminine. 

And it’s here for you too. 

I want to share with you a few of the ways that I connect with this ever-presence, especially in the hardest of times. 

Whether you’re in a Dark Night of the Soul personally, or if like me, you’re an empath who feels the sharp soul-hunger pains of our world ~ my hope is that you’ll find solace in reuniting with this source, and that it will refuel you.

Sustenance for The Dark Night of the Soul, Part 1 ~ 

Listening to the Voice of Mother Nature

When it feels like life is falling apart, there is one simple way that you can experience immediate relief and reconnection. It is through Mother Nature’s Medicine. 

No matter how lost you feel, simply being alone with the Earth and listening can fortify you. 

When we listen to the voice of Mother Nature, she becomes the teacher, healer, confidante, elder, and companion we long for. 

But in our busy world, it can feel unfamiliar, or impossible, to actually get quiet enough to listen. 

Here are a few tips for how to drop in and benefit from this simple resource that is always available ~  

.:. Keep it simple. Listening to the voice of Mother Nature can be as easy as stepping out into your backyard to feel the rain on your face, or sitting quietly under a beautiful tree. Go to Nature, and go alone. Open the ears and eyes of your heart and simply apply your attention to ~ noticing what is here. Look at the details she has created, the miracles upon miracles. Allow them to delight, surprise, or inform you.

.:.  Risk Intimacy.  Take on listening to Nature as a sensual practice. Lean in, look for and take in the beauty that is offered. Relish in it. See, feel, touch, open, smell, drop into your body, and allow. Experience. Search with your heart and body, for her pulse of life, breathe with the breeze on your cheek, rub the dirt on your face, celebrate the bird’s song with your smile. Be with her. Be with you. Be together.

.:. Repeat. In our noisy world, listening is a form of rebellion. It can be awkward at first, because contemplative quiet is not the norm. It takes time to invite the mind to slow down. But like a muscle, your listening sense will strengthen each time it’s used. So go out today, tomorrow, and the next. Keep focusing your mind and heart on what is right in front of you ~ the sights, sounds, tastes, and textures of our beautiful Mother Nature. 

Make yourself a lifelong student to her song of water, wind, or bird.

Receive her sustenance. It’s always here for you. 

{To be continued…}

Sustenance for the Dark Night of the Soul, Part 2 is coming Soon.  

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With love,


Marianah Jade

Marianah Jade is is a mother, messenger of women’s wisdom, mistress of soul-medicine, Harpist, poet,  and protector, and masterful facilitator of Sacred Women’s Space. As Founder of The Women’s Grove, she guides female leaders, mothers, healers, and women who care about our future, home to drink from the deep Well of the feminine within. Through devotional, body-centered, nature-celebrating, and woman-exalting rituals and retreats, Marianah Jade has supported thousands of women all over the world to reclaim the glory of the Great Feminine within. Join Marianah Jade in Glastonbury/ Avalon this Summer, for an unforgettable journey of a lifetime.

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