Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Marianah Jade Patrice Montesano Bacal. You can call me Marianah Jade {pronounced ‘Ma-ree-ah-na Jade’}. I’m Co-Founder at Eagle Prairie Land Sanctuary, our family’s 4 acre homestead in Colorado. I am wife to my soul mate of 15 years, mother to a 14 year old girl, Folk Herbalist, Celtic Folk Harp Musician, Spoken Word Artist, baker, and Founder at The Women’s Grove.

I love ~

Deep Winter. Snow. Seasons of change. My Ancestral lands. Billy Holiday, baking. Fuzzy blankets. Real-life paper magazines. Evergreen Trees. The Cycles of life. Motherwort. Artemisia. Herbal Allies. My puppy, Azalea. My couch, family dinners, and all things cozy.

I believe ~ 

That women are the answer.

That’s why I’m so passionate about supporting women like you, to unfold the magnificence within. 

For the last 15 years, I’ve guided thousands of women all over the world ~ both in-person and online ~ through practices, rituals, retreats, and teachings focused on Women’s Empowerment.

For me, Women’s Empowerment is less about ‘doing’, and more about being. 

It’s about how we feel in our bodies and how skillfully we’re harnessing the power of our emotions. It’s about how we experience our relationships and home life, and how present and receptive we are for our downtime, our Soul life, and the things we enjoy the most.

Ultimately, Women’s Empowerment is about how ‘right’ a woman feels in the intimacy of her own world. 

As a Mentor, Facilitator, and Guide ~ 

It is of the utmost importance to me, that I wholeheartedly live these teachings. 

I have created a life that is precisely aligned with my deepest Soul Purpose, as I know it to be. 

I have learned to place myself, my desires, and my passions at the center of my life ~ so that I can be in my joy and be of service. 

And as I stand at the Crossroads of midlife, I can honestly say that I am damn proud of the woman that I am.

I want to support you to feel that way too.

I am certain, without a shred of a doubt, that you are a truly amazing woman. I can help you remember this, and more…


It’s all right here, within you.