A Land-Based Seasonal Circle ~ at Eagle Prairie Land Sanctuary

for Parents & Children, Ages 3-5    

~ Embracing the Sweetness of Autumn ~

Wednesdays, Oct. 9th-Nov. 13th ~ 3:45-4:45 Pm

Early Childhood is a Precious and Beautiful Journey ~

Join us for this Magical Circle, where we’ll immerse ourselves in the Wonder of Early Childhood.
Through Story, Songs, and Imaginative Movement, we’ll reconnect with the heartbeat of Mother’s Earth’s changing season.
In this Land-Based Seasonal Circle, we’ll dance, sing, and imagine our way into the cozy, golden, sweet embrace of Autumn. 
Embodying the stories we see unfolding on the Land, we’ll soar like hunting eagles, fall like ripe fruit & colorful leaves, put the Nature Spirits to sleep for the cold season ahead, and dance with the Magic of Autumn Winds.

‘Slow Down, Slow Down’ Mother Earth Called…

…to her Children who play in the Sun till Fall.

‘Come Hither’ She said, ‘It’s time to Come In,

To prepare for our slumber, our time within… 

Deep in the Earth, all Winter we’ll sleep. 

But oh dear little one, do not weep! First we’ll get to paint the leaves!

So beautiful, so bold, so golden, so bright,

All before Winter Fairy brings ~ the Longest Night…’

In this Playful, Land-Based Series ~

We’ll meet outdoors, as well as in the beautiful Tipi.

Please enjoy our Photo Gallery Below.

Together we’ll explore ~


Story-time is essential food for the growing mind of a young child. Through the experience of Story-time, young children ~

  • Learn vocabulary and listening skills that can last a lifetime.
  • Explore imaginal realms, which support creative thinking later in life.
  • Develop 3-dimensional thinking, a much needed skill in today’s changing world. 
  • Internalize Virtues, as they ‘become’ a character in the story.
  • Come Home to the magic and beauty that is their natural dwelling place. 

Story material will be repeated each week, so that the children can drop deeper and deeper into the beauty..


Creative Movement anchors the inherent body-awareness of young children, and supports young children to ~ 

  • Develop self esteem, through unrestrained self-expression.
  • Learn communication skills, as they translate feelings from the inside, out.
  • Regulate their nervous system & energy level, synchronizing inner and outer rhythms.
  • Learn new motor skills & continue to develop the ones that they have.
  • Grow the delight of being in a human body, which comes naturally to young children.

Simple movements will be repetitive each week, so that the children gain more and more body-confidence through our weeks together. 


Mother Nature is the young chid’s ‘soul playground’, providing children with the opportunity to~

  • Develop keen observations skills, as a fascination in details leads the way. 
  • Gain awareness of Mother Earth as a living, growing being.
  • Deepen in relationship with the Earth, as a source of support. 
  • Orient themselves in time and space, as a part of the Whole of life.
  • Delight in the gifts that the elements provide.

We’ll visit the same places on the land each week, so that the children can develop an intimate relationship with the elements as they are shifting and changing.

Meet Your Guide ~

Hello! I’m Marianah Jade Bacal. I am a Wife to my soul-mate of 14 years, Mother of an extraordinary almost 13-year old coming-of-age girl, Land Stewardess, Herbalist, Celtic Folk Harp Musician, Healing Practitioner, Baker, former Homeschool Mother, and Homeschool Program Creator & Hostess. I facilitate Sacred Circles for Women and Children, and have inspired, taught, and created sacred spaces for thousands, all over the world.

I believe that children are a most precious gift to be treasured, and I’m passionate about protecting the innocence, wonder, and magic of Early Childhood.

This next generation just might save us. And they’re going to need a tremendous amount of creativity, as well as a deeply rooted connection with that which sustains us all, to do so.

For the 15 years preceding motherhood, I surrounded myself with children, teaching Preschool & Kindergarten in Waldorf-inspired schools, teaching yoga to children of all ages all over the world, instructing dance & art for ‘At-Risk’ youth in inner cities, and more.

As a former Homeschool mother, with my very big girl off at Middle School, I’m called back to where my journey began. The Children’s Grove brings together many of my greatest passions and skillsets ~ Ritual, Story-telling, Seasonal Celebration, Group Facilitation, and guiding the Light of our youth.

The Children’s Grove meets at Eagle Prairie Land Sanctuary, my family’s rustic homestead in beautiful Niwot, Colorado, pictured here. Just a scenic 10 minute drive from North Boulder, our 4 beautifully tended acres offer sweeping views of the majestic mountains.

Eagle Prairie Land Sanctuary is a peaceful escape from the busy pace of town, surrounded by hundreds of acres of cow and horse pastures and wild, Boulder County Open Space. Please enjoy our Photo Gallery Below.

The Children’s Grove will gather outdoors for part of our time together ~ tending Fairy Houses near the seasonal Creek, playing in the tall prairie grasses, and/ or tasting Herbal delights from one of the many Gardens! We’ll also gather in our family’s beautiful Tipi, pictured here. Gathering on the earth together in this way, helps us reweave the wholeness we wish to see in our world.

I look forward to welcoming you here!

Please enjoy our Photo Gallery Below…

~ Eagle Prairie Land Sanctuary ~

~ The Children’s Grove ~

A Land-Based Seasonal Circle for Parents & Children, Ages 3-5

6 Wednesdays: Oct. 9th – Nov. 13th, 3:45-4:45 Pm.

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Tuition: $225 {Early Pricing Tuition has ended.]

Siblings under 3 attend for Free.

Siblings 3 and up attend at Half Tuition: $112.

Questions? Email Marianah Jade at ~ thewomensgrove@gmail.com.

Thank you for this opportunity to spark and feed the Wonder within your precious child.

I have no doubt that it will be the most magical part of the week, for all of us!

XO~ Marianah Jade