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Return ~


I warmly, invite you to join me this on this next New Moon, as we center ourselves with The Beauty That is Ours to Keep.

Together, we’ll reclaim the mysteries of our bodies, reweave ourselves with the medicine of Mother Nature, and remember the creative power & magic of our global Women’s Community. We’ll go deep, and do our Healing work, shedding what no longer serves… opening the door to deeper inspiration and Vision. 

Take your seat among Wise and Powerful women, from all over the world. And, Remember Your Purpose.

Welcome Home to The Women’s Grove ~


Here, every flavor of you is welcome, creating a unique alchemy of deep intimacy with yourself and The Great Feminine. Posturing, effort-ing, masks, resistance, and inhibitions melt away. A deeper Purpose emerges, and our experience of female empowerment takes root.

We Gather in The Women’s Grove to ~

  • Feed our roots. 
  • Approach spirituality and in an embodied and practical way.
  • Grow and blossom from right where we are now. 
  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Excavate the wisdom we seek, from the inside.


We Believe ~

  • Womanhood itself is a Path of Evolution.
  • Our personal growth is not just for the benefit of ourselves, but for all of humanity. 
  • Women are designed as a Source of nourishment, connection, wisdom, vision, and beauty for all. 
  • Our feminine education and empowerment is a responsibility, not a luxury.


We Practice ~ 

  • Instinctual & Expressive Movement
  • Feminine Embodiment  
  • Earth-Based Healing, and…
  • The Art of Women’s Ritual


Our time together is ~

  • Soul-Nourishing
  • Body-Centered
  • Female-Empowering
  • Nature-Sourced, and…
  • Infused with Beauty, every step of the way. 

Embracing the Medicine of the Season ~

In the ways of our Foremothers, we gather in these burning times on Planet Earth, on this New Moon, to take our place as the leaders and mothers in these changing times.

In this unusually dark and fertile moment for humanity, it’s going to take everything we’ve got to stay grounded and show up for the changes, while cultivating our innermost gifts.

Join us in the Women’s Grove, where together, we’ll ~  


Through Embodiment Practices, Earth-Based Healing, and Women’s Ritual, we may explore ~

  • Synchronizing ourselves with the fertile power of the New Moon.
  • Receiving support and guidance from within. 
  • Utilizing Mother Nature as an Ally for empowerment, on all levels.
  • Plugging back in to the abundant resource of Women’s Community. 
  • Doing our Healing work, so that we can keep showing up. 
  • Harvesting the Medicine of this Season of our lives.
  • Rediscovering our Deeper Purpose, individually and collectively. 

The Ways of The Women’s Grove ~


Using the female body as our Temple, Portal, Teacher, and Guide, we practice ~ instinctual & expressive movement, vocalization, womb self-massage, subtle internal pelvic awareness, and more. As we enter the genuine, in-the-moment, embodied experience ~ we learn to befriend and welcome what is already here. We practice feeling what we feel, and coming to know consciously, what we already know intuitively, instinctually ~ as we drop-in, below the busy-ness of the mind. The body never lies. And from this place of vulnerable honesty, our essence is more authentically expressed from within. Our own, direct, genuine, felt experience becomes the source of our wisdom. Rather than looking to scriptures, patriarchs, or dusty dogma, we learn to find our way with the fresh, alive, intimate pulse of the Here and Now.


Synchronizing with the rhythms of the land where we live, and utilizing the gifts of the Earth, Moon, and Sun ~ we reconnect with our own inherent wholeness. This is what Healing is. The foundation of Earth-Based Healing is the fact that we are all, undeniably, earth-centered beings, and that as women ~ through our Blood Rites ~ we embody a phenomenal connection with the Earth. Together, we’ll open to the medicine of the Moon and Earth as our Allies, as well as the wind/our breath, the waters of womanhood, the strength of our bones, and sacred fire within. The pulse of the Season at the time of our gathering is central to our exploration. In this case that is {in the Northern Hemisphere} Harvest Season/ Full Moon. Through our Earth-based practices, we come back home to the infinite support and guidance that is always here, and return to the beauty of our humanity.


Ritual ignites our collective wisdom and fortifies our inherent Creative Power as women. For thousands of years, women have gathered in sacred spaces, at auspicious timing ~ to honor, worship, and reconnect with the source of The Great Feminine. Unlike other spiritual practices, Women’s Ritual is a non-dogmatic, timeless, ever-evolving Art & Technology. In the old ways, we gather with a shared Intention to ‘open the door’. With the help of your expert Guide, within the skillful container provided, you will be assisted in stepping through that door. We’re all encouraged to authentically ‘bring what we’ve got’, in the moment. Who we are is our offering. Ritual elements for this gathering may include plants from the land where you live, movement, singing, and candlelight. {Details provided upon Registration.}

Meet Your Guide ~

Hello! It’s Marianah Jade here. I’m a Hearth-Keeper, Co-Founder at Eagle Prairie Land Sanctuary, Founder of The Women’s Grove, wife to my soul mate of 15 years, devoted mother to an extra-ordinary 13 year old girl, Folk Herbalist, Spoken Word Artist, Celtic Folk Harp Musician, and baker.

As a masterful Craftswoman in the timeless art & technology of Women’s Circle, for the last 15 years, I’ve guided thousands of women all over the world through practices, rituals, retreats, and teachings focused on Female Embodiment and Spirituality ~ both privately and in groups, in person & online.

My greatest qualifications as a Mentor and Guide, are born of my own life experiences and Initiations through the Rites of Womanhood. I have given birth on my hands and knees ~ in all of my female power ~ on my own bedroom floor. I’ve faced a life-threatening pelvic injury… and prevailed. I’ve healed myself of chronic illness, with the help of my Plant Allies. And I’ve created a life that is aligned with my deepest Purpose, as I know it to be, even as it’s continually changing. I’ve placed myself at the center of my life, and have courageously let go again and againin service of growth and evolution.

Like all conscious women who make it to mid-life, I carry a substantial, multi-flavored Cornucopia of Women’s Wisdom to share. I’m proud of my Harvest, as I’ve weathered many storms to gather it. It brings my life into full circle and color, when I get to share it with you.

I owe many of the tools, skills, and wisdom that I have in my life ~ to the guidance, care, skillfulness, safe containers, and transmissions that I’ve received from my Wise Woman elders. Now, it’s my turn to joyfully give back what has been gifted to me! 

Stories From the Women’s Grove ~

Martha Hartney
Attorney and Counselor at Law ~ Hartney Family and Estate Law

“…Here I discovered that I’m not alone as a woman and that my internal guidance systems are not unique to me but are shared by all women. I found that the inner voice speaking truth to me all along, is heard by all of my sisters in one form or another. I found myself willing to submit more fully to this knowing…I found compassion for other women’s ‘lost-ness’ in a world dominated by the masculine, and…a woman whispering our secrets back to me, reminding me of what we know. Gently, sensually, sacredly inviting me into my body, into my femininity, my creative center. I found a guide, Marianah Jade, who has devoted herself to understanding the subtle rhythms of the feminine that float under everything that is, often without our notice. She helped me see that in those subtle waves exist a vast, thronging passion of love and devotion and acceptance. Patiently, oh so delicately, she reintroduced me to my magical core, calling out my true nature and showing me places where I can tap into my subtle powers, my cycles, and the wisdom of our foremothers. My wish would be for all the women I love to experience this tribe of womanly power and love that Marianah Jade nurtures. Here we find a home for the weirdness of our womanhood, and give time and space for our powers to heal, process, transform, express, create, and develop ~ so that we all experience the divine feminine within us, and allow it to change the world…”  ~ Martha

Lesley Glenner 
Owner, Founder ~ HoloBeing Holistic Wellness Institute 

“Marianah Jade…offered me a reflection of myself that was beautiful, whole, and goddess-like. She assumes the best and honors those in her presence in ways subtle and grandiose ~ creating a container of sacred intimacy, feminine attune-ment, skillful transformation, and fun. As a bride to-be, I can think of no better way to step into an embodied feminine experience of myself. The practices Marianah Jade offered have continued to serve me in my life and relationships. I have been more aware of my power as a woman, I have been more available to my partner when I honor my needs for feminine practice, and I have helped other women in transition, to remember their feminine obligations to their truth. I would not hesitate to recommend this to ANY woman who wants to feel good in her world.” ~ Lesley

Katie Wise 
Singer, Songwriter ~ Katie Wise and Bhakti Explosion 

I found Marianah Jade’s groups to be the one space where I could let my shoulders fall, my guard drop, and my true emotions surface. I felt that I could say and feel anything, and it wouldn’t be deemed “wrong” or inappropriate. I loved connecting with the other women, and knowing that I am not alone. It is wonderful to find a space where authenticity is appreciated and tears are seen as a sign of strength. I am grateful to have crossed paths with such a wise, compassionate, and deeply spiritual teacher at this time in my life.” ~ Katie

Danya Underwood Rivlin 
Realtor ~ Live West Realty

“This work is authentic, deep, magical, true, profound, and transformational. Marianah Jade calls forth the depths from her students and allows the beautiful and painful truths to emerge and transform in healing ways. She is an incredibly skilled facilitator who is intuitive and able to work with powerful energy, welcoming both the light and the darkness.” ~ Danya

Cynthia Stadd

Chief Empowered Eater ~ Eat Empowered

“I had no idea what to expect when I signed up…and it was exactly what I needed, infusing me with grounded-ness and joy. Marianah opened my eyes to the power of the moon, which is something I’ve rarely even considered before…and oh the power of the moon! With her loving guidance, I felt it’s open reign like never before and connected into an altered state of receptivity, truth, and raw power. Marianah Jade is a true master at what she does. She is earth mother, female connector, woman empower-er, spirit guider, and leader. This is an experience I want again. Thank you for leading such a necessary event!!!” – Cynthia

Join Us in The Women’s Grove ~


THE WOMEN’S GROVE Virtual  Retreat


New Moon | Thursday, September 17th | 11 Am PST/ Noon MST

Join us live from anywhere in the world, or participate via recording, at your convenience. 

Retreat details ~ including, how to join us, what to bring, what to wear, and how to prepare ~ will be provided upon Registration. Recording will be posted within 24 hrs, and available for one year, 24 hours a day/ ongoing. 

Please allow a few hours for your Retreat Registration Confirmation {during normal business hours, Mountain Standard Time}. Thank you for your patience!