Welcome to WOMEN’S TEMPLE ~



Next Monthly Temple ~ Tuesday, Nov. 7th | 7-9 Pm 

Together, we dive in to the Women’s Temple Practices, to give space to all of the flavors of the Feminine, as we move through the changing seasons of our lives.

In Temple, we go deep with each other through touch, inquiry, movement, silence, and so much more. We experience the gift of who we are in the moment, with transparency and vulnerability. We’re received into the arms, eyes, and loving hearts of our Sisters.

Our masks, to-do lists, exhaustion, stress, and inner ice-cubes melt away in Temple. The softness, true desires, and deeper currents that shape our lives are revealed.

In this sacred time and space, we step away from the distractions that lead us further away from ourselves. Together, we turn toward the Well of the Feminine that we find within and through our authentic, embodied connections with each other.

Meet the Temple Mamas ~

These evenings draw inspiration and practices from both the Women’s Temple traditions {as taught by Chameli Ardagh of the Awakening Women Institute}, as well as all of the various practices and traditions that we {the Temple Mamas} are devoted to, personally.

India Bacal is Co-Founder at Eagle Prairie, Founder of Eagle Prairie Women’s Temple, and Founder of the WILDE Tribe ~ Women of Inspired Leadership Devoted to Evolution. As a Women’s Empowerment MentorIndia supports women all over the world to SLOW DOWN, GET REAL about what matters to them, and RISE UP to take Leadership of what they love. She’s a devoted mother, wife, student of the Celtic Folk Harp, belly-dancer, avid baker & cook, and lover of all things YIN.
Jamie Mantey is in love with the magic that sacred women’s culture is, for us personally, and for our world. She supports women’s authentic radiant aliveness as a hands-on healing practitioner, a feminine wellbeing coach, and a yoga and meditation teacher. A plant-whispering herbalist and delighter in dance, she is devoted to cultivating and serving heart-centered full-spectrum feminine embodiment, expression, and growth.
Emma Teitel is a devoted and passionate psychotherapist, coach and teacher. She is committed to supporting women all over the world on their journeys of healing and growth. Through contemplative practices and innovative depth and somatic focused therapies she guides women into lives of wakefulness, empowerment and wholeness. She works with seekers– those brave souls who are asking deep questions and pursuing heartfelt dreams.


Schedule ~ Fall 2017

Monthly Circles | Tuesdays 7-9 Pm

Oct. 3rd | Nov. 7th | Dec. 5th





For our upcoming Temple ~ Nov.7th: 

Early Pricing: $27 ~ ends Tuesday, Oct. 31st | 10 Pm.

Full Price: $33 ~ ends Tuesday, Nov. 7th | Noon. 

Payment accepted at the door: $40.

Please keep in mind that your registration is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Eagle Prairie Women’s Temple is located at Eagle Prairie Land Sanctuary, India’s family homestead. This rustic, beautiful retreat is only a 10 minute scenic drive from North Boulder. With sweeping views of the mountains, and surrounded by hundreds of acres of open space, Temple is so close to home ~ but truly a world away from the fast pace of town. 

Address will be provided, once you have submitted your registration. If you plan to show up at the door, please send us a note up to 2 hours before Temple {5 Pm for a Tuesday Temple and 1:30 pm for a Sunday Day Retreat}. We’d be happy to provide you with the address.

Eagle Prairie Women’s Temple | Details 


Timing ~

For Tuesday evening Temples, Doors open at 7 Pm. Please arrive as close to 7 pm as you can, to allow time for registration and settling in before we dive into practice promptly at 7:15 pm


What to expect ~

Women’s Temple practices are intimate. We go deep together ~ through authentic movement, vulnerable inquiry, ritual, and respectful touch.

Together we move, dance, stretch, breathe deeply, explore the old ways of women’s ritual, play, laugh, cry {sometimes both at the same time!}, hug, hold each other’s secrets and wishes, express ourselves, and remember the tremendous gift that it is to simply BE A WOMAN. 


What to bring ~ 

Please bring a personal water bottle.

A journal and blanket or shawl are optional, but may be nice to have. 


What to wear ~ 

We may spend some time outdoors connecting with the land and the elements, regardless of the weather. Please wear layers and dress for changing temperatures.  


Guidelines ~

Participants must be 18 years or older for our monthly Tuesday night Temples. Younger women may be considered for our special Seasonal Day Retreats, depending on the theme and intention for that particular event. Please inquire at: eagle.prairie.womens.temple@gmail.com.