Welcome to~

T H E  W O M E N ‘ S G R O V E

With gratitude, we gather…


In Celebration of Spring!


Synchronizing with the renewing power of the season, we welcome the healing gifts of our Herbal Allies –

Grounding ourselves, growing along with them, and learning to live as abundantly resourced and empowered women.

Here, you’ll receive foundational Sacred Feminine teachings in the Wise Woman traditions of Women’s Folk Herbalism and Feminine Embodiment.

We work with the plants in the oral tradition of our foremothers. With open-hearted women just like yourself, you’ll experience the generosity of Mother Nature within and surrounding you.

Through Feminine Embodiment Practice, you’ll experientially learn new ways of being and resourcing yourself as a woman, which are not only your birthright to remember & receive, but are also




calming & connective

consistently effective

and very simple to incorporate into to your modern daily life,





In This Sacred & Soothing Space, We –


Experientially learn the foundations of Women’s Folk Herbalism.

Practice Feminine Embodiment.

Renew and Restore.

Commune with other open-hearted women.

Discover of the healing power of common Plants.

Form bonds with our own Plant Allies.

Receive. Remember. Reweave ourselves.

Orient toward empowerment, through gaining new life skills. 

Learn to welcome the generosity of Mother Nature into our lives.

Strengthen our Intuition.

Receive Sacred Feminine Education, for a better quality of life.

Harmonize with our own unique Feminine Rhythms.

Gain knowledge for fortifying our nervous system.

Decolonize our relationship with our bodies.

Recommit to our joy.

Reclaim the gifts that are a result of being Highly Sensitive.

Rebirth ourselves anew in this season of the year, our lives, and of Womanhood.


The Sacred Feminine Awaits.

T H E  W O M E N ‘ S  G R O V E 


Feminine Embodiment & Education 




April 7th

April 14th

April 21st

May 5th

May 12th

May 19th




SUNDAY,  JUNE 9th | Noon – 8 Pm MST


Welcome The Magic of Spring!


During this Springtime Women’s Circle, you’ll receive Experiential Education. Our Time together will be a nourishing blend of Feminine Embodiment Practice, Women’s Ritual, and Earth-Centered Herbal Education.

The Feminine Rhythms of – our bodies, the season, the Moon, and the Earth will guide our curriculum.


We will explore* ~


*During our In-Person Day Retreat, one of the themes below will be explored in-depth, from various perspectives. Our In-Person gathering adds the special element of embodied connection. In this environment, our theme can be explored in layers for the duration of the day.


Abundance – Aligning With The Flow Of Energy

Receptivity – Opening & Softening

Feminine Rhythms – Harmonizing With Self & Earth

Healing – Bringing Love & Light Into the Shadows

Spiritual Hygiene – Protecting the Feminine Psyche

Womb Wisdom – Remembering What We Know

Deep Nourishment – Welcoming Support

Growth – Courageously Choosing Our True Path

Self-Love – Committing to What Matters

Blossoming –  Expressing Your Essence

Communion – Reweaving Into the Sacred


Skills We May Cultivate ~ 


Herbal Plant Brushing

Herbal & Floral Baths

Vaginal Steams

Feminine Lifestyle Design

Speaking Into The Circle

Crafting Herbal Sleep Bundles

Burning Healing Herbs With Charcoal

Herbal Infusions & Decoctions – How To

Home-Made Salt-Scrubs

Cooking With Common Herbs for Healing

Womb Self-Massage & Meditation


Plants We May Commune With ~






Lemon Balm










Educational, Experiential, & Embodied ~


During our time together, you will gain skills that will serve your well-being in your daily life. We will sing, make and utilize Herbal Medicines, and practice Feminine Embodiment. These ways will become a part of you, and you will return to your daily life with nourishing wisdom to live into. I look forward to communing with the power of the Sacred Feminine, the Earth & Plants, and Sisterhood together…


In the Heart of The Women’s Grove.



The Ways of The Women’s Grove ~


  • EARTH-CENTERED HEALING .:.  Together in The Women’s Grove, we come home to the fact that we share one breath with all living green things, and that we mirror the Earth’s and Moon’s cycles and seasons. In turn, we experience the infinite support that is right here for us, every day of our lives as women. Women’s Folk Herbalism is the foundation for our Earth-Centered Practices. During our Springtime Women’s Circle, we’ll explore the safe and effective use of wild, common, and cultivated plants which are in season, and most beneficial for women. You’ll receive experiential education exploring some or all of the following – Plant Brushings, Herbal Healing Baths, Herbal Infusions & Decoctions, Self-Healing Salt Scrubs, Vaginal Steams, Working with Fire and Resin for Healing and Prayer, and more. You’ll come to know plants which are most supportive for your own physical/ hormonal/ emotional/ and spiritual healing right now, as well as some which will support you to move through whatever phase of womanhood you are in, with power and grace. Through this approach to Healing and Preventative Medicine, we take command of our own wellness, and re-member things that have been untruthfully divided. Through our interconnection with the healing properties of the plants, elements, and cycles, we learn to more effectively maintain our well-being on all levels – without the intercession of Patriarchal systems. Now is the time to reclaim this knowledge. Join us! 


  • FEMININE EMBODIMENT PRACTICE .:. Through Feminine Embodiment Practice, we experience our bodies & emotions – as doorways into greater presence, which is the greatest gift we have to give to our world. Utilizing movement, Ritual, conscious breathing, and sound – we drop-in below the mind, into a vast reservoir within. Here, we find the resources we need for moving through our lives supported, relaxed, aligned, radiant, and grounded. Through Embodiment Practice, we untie ourselves from our misguided loyalty to the harsh voice of the Inner Patriarch, decolonizing our relationship with our bodies piece by piece, step by step. It’s a practice! And through practice, we come to know ourselves more and more as the undomesticated, authentic women that we are meant to be. The teachings of Emotional Alchemy are central to our practice, enabling us to harness the elemental potency of our feelings – as they live, move, and change inside the body. Learning to utilize emotions as a source of renewable energy, we revitalize ourselves, and experience a fresh version of empowerment that is sourced from the inside.


  • WOMEN’S CIRCLE .:.  Central to The Women’s Grove, is the loving heartbeat and timeless technology of Women’s Circle. Together, through our ‘women’s ways’ – honest inquiry, council, nurturing touch {when in-person}, and much more – we welcome all parts of ourselves home, to be felt, seen, and known. In this skillful container of growth, rest, and soul-inspiration, we experience a profound sense of belonging with ourselves, each other, and something greater than us all. The vulnerability, intimacy, and depth of Women’s Circle ways challenge us to bring forth more of our presence, truth, and genuine experience, into the whole. This befriending and integration returns us to the Beauty that we already are. And through the process, we learn to see ourselves and each other with new eyes. These are the empowering, all-seeing eyes of the Matriarchy which we co-create. This unified, compassionate consciousness ripples out into our world, shaping us as part of the solution humanity is waiting for.


The Women’s Grove



We gather globally, via LIVE Zoom Audio & Video.

6 Sundays | 11 Am – 1 Pm MST/ 1 Pm – 3 Pm EST.

  • April 7th
  • April 14th
  • April 21st
  • May 5th
  • May 12th
  • May 19th

Tuition: $249.

There will be an additional $49 Materials Fee for your Feminine Self-Care Kit, payable to my local Apothecary online, which will be send to you via snail mail anywhere in the world. Further details given upon Registration. 

Your Tuition also includes downloadable recordings of all 6 classes, so that you can revisit the Course anytime you wish in the future. 

You will be invited to join our Private facebook Group, where we can connect between classes and deepen in community connection.


For sisters in Colorado, you will have a special opportunity to add on our In-Person Spring Celebration Day Retreat on beautiful land in Lyons, CO.

There we will commune with the Sacred Feminine, surrounded by nature and wild open space. We will partake in an Herbal & Floral Healing Bath {as weather allows}, as well as luxuriate in Embodiment Practices and Earth-Centered Herbal Teachings, followed by a potluck feast in community.

For Colorado Sisters – we gather on the New Moon | Sunday, June 9th | Noon – 8 Pm.

Tuition for both the 6-Part Online Course and the Full Day Retreat is $399 {+ $49 Materials Fee for your Feminine Self-Care Kit, payable to the local Apothecary online, which will be send to you via snail mail. Further Materials Details provided upon Registration}. 

The Retreat will be open to the public as an offering on it’s own, at the Tuition price of $150. By purchasing the Course and Retreat together, you save $50. 

Our In-Person Retreat will includes home-brewed medicinal tea, nourishing Herbal snacks, hands on medicine-making experience {supplies included}, an Herbal & Floral Healing Bath teaching and experience, and a wildly nourishing day together, which will deepen your connection to yourself, the Earth, and other women.

Our experiential, inspirational, and educational time together will include some or all of the following – 

  • Home-Brewed Healing Herbal Tea {for In-Person Retreat}
  • Feminine Embodiment Practice
  • Women’s Ritual
  • Plant Brushing Instruction
  • Herbal & Floral Healing Bath Instruction
  • Abdominal Self-Massage & Womb Meditation 
  • Herbal Infusions & Decoctions {How-To}
  • Study and Communion with specific Plant Allies
  • Singing, Feasting {for in-person Retreat}, Laughing, and Feminine Restoration

For those joining us in-person, please bring with you –

  • Clothing and shoes needed for time outdoors, in changing Colorado weather. 
  • A full water bottle.
  • Nourishing Gluten-Free {dairy on the side} Potluck Feast food to share, PLUS a hearty snack {we will have two meal times together}.
  • Optional journal for note-taking.
  • Additional details and recommendations will be provided, as our time together comes nearer.

Praise for The Women’s Grove ~

Melissa Geiger
Wellness Coach, Founder ~ Nourishing Our Radiance

“I honestly felt so deeply moved by my session with Marianah Jade, that I don’t quite know how to put it into words. She brought me right up to my soul’s growing edge in a way that only traditional indigenous ceremonies have done for me in the past. Her very presence is like medicine and it is an absolute honor to work with her. I had forgotten how deeply transformational a single hour can be. Marianah Jade is a truly wise and skillful guide. She creates such a beautiful, sacred space. I felt deeply supported and honored as I faced a major life transition. She illuminated some of my blind spots, which helped me to navigate this transition with more clarity, ease, and strength. She also offered suggestions of feminine embodiment practices that have brought so much beauty and poignancy to this time in my life. I can’t recommend her work highly enough. Right after our session, I opened to and experienced a potent synchronicity and twist of fate that lead me to manifest my new dream home! I’m feeling blessed and grateful and I am really looking forward to more sessions in the future!” – Melissa

Lesley Glenner
Owner, Founder ~ HoloBeing Holistic Wellness Institute

“Marianah Jade creates a living, breathing priestess-like experience every step of the way. She offered me a reflection of myself that was beautiful, whole, and Goddess-like. She assumes the best and honors those in her presence in ways subtle and grandiose ~ creating a container of sacred intimacy, feminine attune-ment, skillful transformation, and fun. As a bride to-be, I can think of no better way to step into an embodied feminine experience of myself. The practices Marianah Jade offered have continued to serve me in my life and relationships. I have been more aware of my power as a woman, I have been more available to my partner when I honor my needs for feminine practice, and I have helped other women in transition to remember their feminine obligations to their truth. I would not hesitate to recommend this to ANY woman who wants to feel good in her world.”  – Lesley 

Martha Hartney
Attorney and Counselor at Law ~ Hartney Family and Estate Law

“…Here I discovered that I’m not alone as a woman and that my internal guidance systems are not unique to me but are shared by all women. I found that the inner voice speaking truth to me all along, is heard by all of my sisters in one form or another. I found myself willing to submit more fully to this knowing…I found compassion for other women’s ‘lost-ness’ in a world dominated by the masculine, and…a woman whispering our secrets back to me, reminding me of what we know. Gently, sensually, sacredly inviting me into my body, into my femininity, my creative center. I found a guide, Marianah Jade, who has devoted herself to understanding the subtle rhythms of the feminine that float under everything that is, often without our notice. She helped me see that in those subtle waves exist a vast, thronging passion of love and devotion and acceptance. Patiently, oh so delicately, she reintroduced me to my magical core, calling out my true nature and showing me places where I can tap into my subtle powers, my cycles, and the wisdom of our foremothers. My wish would be for all the women I love to experience this tribe of womanly power and love that Marianah nurtures. Here we find a home for the weirdness of our womanhood, and give time and space for our powers to heal, process, transform, express, create, and develop ~ so that we all experience the divine feminine within us, and allow it to change the world…”  – Martha

Allie Van Buskirk
Faculty ~ University of Colorado, Boulder 

“Opening the door to Marianah’s Studio was like entering a precious passageway to the divine. A sensational, liminal space, saturated with the essence of ancient mystics and holy mother. Marianah’s grounding presence and soothing voice so ease-fully transported my consciousness to what felt like home – home in my body, in my spirit, and in my seat as an awakening woman called to heal myself, my lineage, and this planet. Throughout our session, she was truly with me every step of the way, recognizing when energy was shifting and knowing exactly what was needed in each moment. I felt incredibly seen and held while simultaneously being encouraged to open more, shed more, feel more, trust more, love more. With Marianah’s guidance, I was able to dispel a shadow that had been lingering for far too long and come into deep communion with Gaia through the healing plants she shared from her land. The messages Marianah intuited for me that evening were profound, and have become daily mantra. Marianah’s depth of knowledge and experience, as well as her deep-seated devotion to the heart of spiritual teachings, was crystal clear throughout our time together. I am incredibly grateful for this experience; working with such a skillful, radiant practitioner was such a gift.”  ~ Allie 

Jamie Michelle
Owner, Designer ~ Sienna Moon

“I had the honor of working & healing with Marianah Jade for 4 months privately. I highly recommend her to any women that wants to do really deep, transformational heart + soul work. …Deep…deep! Marianah Jade is an amazing, wise, and present intuitive. Her medicine is magic. She’s able to shed light on and see things that you can’t. I have so much LOVE for Marianah Jade and her work. She is pure love medicine. Our work was amazing and it changed my life. A ‘thank you’ seems so small compared to what I feel inside my heart for what Marianah Jade offered me…a new beginning. I feel healthy and whole and present. My MoonTimes have all been regular…this has not been so for a long time. And I loved the recordings she made for me. They were brilliant! Marianah Jade soothes and nurtures and guides. Working with her is pure bliss. I’m in tears.” ~ Jamie


Meet Your Guide ~

Marianah Jade is a Mother, weaver of Women’s Wisdom, Ritual, & Culture, Early Childhood Magic Maker, Women’s Folk Herbalist, Harpist, and Poet. As Founder of The Women’s Grove, she has masterfully guided thousands of women all over the world through beauty-infused, body-based, Earth-centered rituals, retreats, and private sessions – in service of restoring the Feminine to its rightful place at the heart of our world.

Marianah has been studying Women’s Folk Herbalism for 13 years intensively with Master Herbalist, Ann Drucker. She is now in her third year of Herbalist Teacher Training with Ann, and is ecstatic to step into the role of Keeper for these ways.

Marianah is inspired by the Yucatec Maya healing traditions of Miss Beatrice Waight, and has been trained and Certified in Women’s Temple Facilitation by Chameli Ardagh. Marianah’s passion for the ways of the Feminine, and the power of Nature’s Medicine is contagious. You too will fall in love with the sacred practices we share and your own Earth-centered Allies. To learn more about Miss Beatrice Waight, and the Healing Power of Plants, consider purchasing her book: ‘Fire Heart’, as a companion to our Harvest Season Together.