Sister ~ 


Do you feel something calling to you from The Deep,

but you’re not quite sure how to get in touch with it?


You’re not alone.


As the natural world quiets down,

and the bodies of plants, flowers, and leaves sleep –

the spirit within our world has more space

to come forward and dance with us.


This is what is calling you –


The Feminine Secrets of Winter.


In these modern times, our society moves at a frantic pace.

In this season, while we’re feeling a strong pull inward,

everything around us seems to become busier and noisier.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. 


As we quickly move toward the end of the year 

and the darkest time in the Northern Hemisphere,

there is an amazing opportunity available

which comes around only once, annually.


Now is the sacred moment in the Wheel of the Year to


Come closer to Soul, and Listen.


If you long to

slow down,

create sacred space,

focus within,

and find the courage

to embody the true Spirit of the Season –


Join Us.

T H E  W O M E N ‘ S  G R O V E  P R E S E N T S


The Feminine Secrets of Winter


A  W O M E N ‘ S  C E R E M O N I A L  G U I D E 

Simple, Sacred Feminine Ceremony & Teachings

For the Winter Season


The Guide Opens on Dec. 18th, 2022 




You are warmly invited –


Come, gather with us at the edge of the Virtual Village,

in The Women’s Grove.

As we enter Winter, 

Through simple, pre-recorded body & earth-centered Ceremony,

Sacred Feminine teachings,

poetry, and music

we will hatch –


Something Deeper.


With pleasure, as always in The Women’s Grove,

we gather in Beauty and Celebration.

On behalf of our planet and her species,

we are embodying


T H E  F E M I N I N E  S E C R E T S  O F  W I N T E R.


T H E  W O M E N ‘ S  G R O V E 


How and Why We Gather ~


  • SACRED SPACE .:. We gather with the shared intention to co-create Simple Ceremony and together, we open the gate to something deeper. Utilizing simple and accessible methods, we are empowered to return to this space again and again in our daily lives. As we drop-in below the mind and beneath the currents of the mundane, we awaken to our own deeper presence, and the presence of that which is greater than us all. This communion gifts us with the clarity and strength we need for life’s challenges.


  • BEAUTY .:. Music, poetry, candlelight, flowers & plants, and the beauty of the natural world are integral to our time together in The Women’s Grove, because Beauty is essential food for the Feminine Soul. Our reconnection with Beauty helps us recognize that it is always here as an available resource to us, as modern women. This recognition has the potential to nourish us deeply, every day.


  • EMBODIMENT .:. Utilizing movement, conscious breathing, sound-release, and the teachings of emotional alchemy – we practice inhabiting the body and emotions more authentically, discovering a vast reservoir of ever-present wisdom, support, and guidance within. Harnessing the elemental potency of our feelings, our emotions become a renewable source of energy for revitalizing ourselves, to fuel the creation of the life and world that we wish for.


  • HEALING .:. Healing is the act of bringing things which have been wrongly divided, back into wholeness and inter-connection. The reunion of woman and the Earth is our healing path in The Women’s Grove. As we learn to receive the generosity of Mother Nature, we restore our interdependence with the planet, as the Keepers of her cycles and wisdom. And we become Medicine that we seek. 


  • LEADERSHIP .:.  It is our birthright, our pleasure, and our responsibility to the world, to develop Women’s Wisdom and commune with Women’s Mysteries. Embodied Feminine Leadership is the art of cultivating and living in harmony with that, in our daily lives. Rather than Leadership being about any one thing that we do, it’s about being who we truly are, freely, openly, and fully.


The Feminine Secrets of Winter



The Feminine Secrets of Winter Guide will open on Dec. 18th, 2022.

This is an opportunity to strengthen your personal connection to the Sacred Feminine within and weave yourself into a web of conscious women from all over the world.

Each day for 3 days {Dec, 18th-20th} new content will be uploaded to the Guide, in our Online portal.

All Content will be pre-recorded to accommodate a go-at-your-own-pace approach to the Guide.

The Guide will be yours to download and keep forever. 

When you sign up, you’ll receive access to our Online Portal, where all Guide materials will be uploaded and stored for one year. Or you may download it and keep it forever. 

You’ll be admitted to our Private Facebook Group as well, which will be open 24 hours a day.   

Participants will receive –


  • Access to The Feminine Secrets of Winter Guide, in a go-at-your-own-pace, online Portal format. Here all Guide Content will be uploaded and available by Dec. 20th. Yours for an entire year {through Winter Solstice, 2023}, or download it and keep it forever.
  • 3 Pre-Recorded Guided Simple Ceremonies & Teachings, shared over a 3 day period. Dec.18th-20th.
  • A Solstice Morning Simple Ceremony Recipe for your own self-guided Solstice Morning Ceremony, This can also be done on any New Moon in the Winter.   
  • Supplemental Original Poetry Readings & Harp Music by Marianah Jade, to inspire and deepen you into your connection with the Sacred Feminine within.   
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group, where you can connect with like-minded women who are also drawn to the Sacred Feminine within. 

The benefits of engaging with the Guide will be unique to you. Here are some hints  –

  • Centering & Grounding – Through focused embodiment practice, you will drop-in, below the mind and the mundane, orienting you to what is true for you, within, in the moment.
  • Unleashing Inner Beauty – The Earth-Centered Healing Practices will strengthen your own life force and connect you with the vitality of Mother Nature, as well as her wildness which is a mirror and source of your own beauty. 
  • Sacred Feminine Presence – As we slow down together, and enjoy Simple Ceremony, you will reunite with the feminine wisdom within, and reunite with your own authentic presence and power, beneath the noise.
  • Renewed Purpose – When women follow the pull to the sacred together, we remember our shared task, to embody the Sacred Feminine, each in our own unique way. 
  • Emotional & Nervous System Regulation– Relating to your emotions as a doorway into presence and as a source of renewable energy, your feelings flow with more ease and become fuel. Our elemental practices calm and soothe body, mind, and soul. 

Praise for The Women’s Grove

Chameli Ardagh
Founder – Awakening Women Institute

“Marianah Jade is rooted in the deep feminine mysteries and she embodies a unique blend of fierce focus, devotion and vast compassion. Her uncompromising dedication to authenticity and depth in her work is powerful and refreshing medicine for those of us who have had enough of replicas and plastic shortcuts. Marianah Jade’s mission and the further unfolding of her offerings in the world, gives me hope, for us all.”  – Chameli


Katie Wise 
Singer, Songwriter ~ Katie Wise and Bhakti Explosion 

“I found Marianah’s groups to be the one space where I could let my shoulders fall, my guard drop, and my true emotions surface. I felt that I could say and feel anything, and it wouldn’t be deemed “wrong” or inappropriate. I loved connecting with the other women, and knowing that I am not alone. It is wonderful to find a space where authenticity is appreciated and tears are seen as a sign of strength. I am grateful to have crossed paths with such a wise, compassionate, and deeply spiritual teacher at this time in my life.” Katie

Martha Hartney
Attorney and Counselor at Law ~ Hartney Family and Estate Law

“…Here I discovered that I’m not alone as a woman and that my internal guidance systems are not unique to me but are shared by all women. I found that the inner voice speaking truth to me all along, is heard by all of my sisters in one form or another. I found myself willing to submit more fully to this knowing…I found compassion for other women’s ‘lost-ness’ in a world dominated by the masculine, and…a woman whispering our secrets back to me, reminding me of what we know. Gently, sensually, sacredly inviting me into my body, into my femininity, my creative center. I found a guide, Marianah Jade, who has devoted herself to understanding the subtle rhythms of the feminine that float under everything that is, often without our notice. She helped me see that in those subtle waves exist a vast, thronging passion of love and devotion and acceptance. Patiently, oh so delicately, she reintroduced me to my magical core, calling out my true nature and showing me places where I can tap into my subtle powers, my cycles, and the wisdom of our foremothers. My wish would be for all the women I love to experience this tribe of womanly power and love that Marianah nurtures. Here we find a home for the weirdness of our womanhood, and give time and space for our powers to heal, process, transform, express, create, and develop ~ so that we all experience the divine feminine within us, and allow it to change the world…”  – Martha

Lesley Glenner 
Owner, Founder ~ HoloBeing Holistic Wellness Institute 

“Marianah Jade…offered me a reflection of myself that was beautiful, whole, and goddess-like. She assumes the best and honors those in her presence in ways subtle and grandiose ~ creating a container of sacred intimacy, feminine attune-ment, skillful transformation, and fun. As a bride to-be, I can think of no better way to step into an embodied feminine experience of myself. The practices Marianah offered have continued to serve me in my life and relationships. I have been more aware of my power as a woman, I have been more available to my partner when I honor my needs for feminine practice, and I have helped other women in transition, to remember their feminine obligations to their truth. I would not hesitate to recommend this to ANY woman who wants to feel good in her world.” – Lesley

Meet Your Guide ~

Marianah Jade is a Mother, Midwife of the Feminine Soul, weaver of Women’s Wisdom, Ceremony, & Culture, Keeper of Women’s Mysteries, Women’s Folk Herbalist, Celtic Folk Harpist, and Spoken Word Poet.

As Founder of The Women’s Grove, she has masterfully guided thousands of women all over the world through beauty-infused, body-based, earth-centered ceremonies, retreats, and private sessions, for almost 20 years.