Our family doesn’t eat much gluten, for a few reasons. My husband is gluten intolerant {he has the genetic make-up for Celiac disease}. My daughter had a lot of food allergies when she was littler, but we stayed away from them most of the time, and she grew out of almost all of them. Hooray! She now tolerates gluten quite well. so she eats it at school and at her friend’s houses. However, she does have one of the genetic markers that causes Celiac disease. My understanding is that if she eats too much gluten, she may develop that allergy again at some point in her life.

Also, you may be aware that…

Did you know that the Gluten in Italy is WAY different? When we were on our European Family Adventure Vacation this past Summer, my hub with Celiac ate tons of gluten with little to no symptoms at all. He tried in Ireland and England too, but no luck. It made him feel awful in those countries just like it does in America. Hmmm…

I get quite a lot of inflammation from eating Grains, so I try to stay away from them most of the time. But, you’ll see that some of my recipes do include Grains. I like to mix it up, test things out from time to time, and keep grains in the rotation on a very limited basis. 

One Winter, while I was developing this recipe, I made so many loaves of Pumpkin Bread, that we came up with a new family tradition ~ Pumpkin Bread and Parcheesi! 

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