Make yourself a soup.

First thing in the morning, put whatever you want in it.

Don’t even follow a recipe.

Use your intuition.

If it smells good, it’ll taste good.

Serve it to yourself with a pretty napkin.

Play a game of Tic Tac Toe with one of the kids…

And if you have a teenager in your world, who’s forgotten how to play,

Go ahead and bribe them to play, with something they do want.

They need simplicity too.


Step outside. Go somewhere in nature, where you feel happy.

Take a deep breath.

Put your face towards the sun. Breathe it in.


There are still a lot of good things.

And we can grow them.

Connect with them.


Lay down.

Let go of your expectations for tomorrow.

And focus on today.


Replace one negative, stressful thought with a positive one.

Repeat it over and over, until you believe it.


Notice something small… like a leaf or a puppy,

Or the steam rising from that soup that you made for yourself…

The way it dances.


Live into something that you know today,

Something that gives you a sense of security.


I know how to make soup.

I know how to play Tic Tac Toe.

I know how to make a sound while I exhale, so that I feel it more deeply.

And I know that everything moves in cycles.


Change is the only constant.

Whatever’s hard today will be different tomorrow.

It might be differently hard, but it will still be different.


But maybe the same isn’t true for what’s good today…

If what is good today is the sound of your breath, when you exhale,

You’ll have that tomorrow.

If what is good today is homemade soup,

You can make another one tomorrow.

If what is good today is laying down for a moment,

You can choose that again tomorrow.


Women’s Empowerment, in these times, is different than it’s ever been before.

And it can be simpler.


Marianah Jade

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