Hello and Welcome!

My name is Marianah Jade {Patrice Marianah Bacal}. 

I support amazing women to manifest their longing for greater Leadership, Love, Abundance, and Wellness ~ in service of a brighter future for us all.

Together we’re reclaiming our greatest resources as conscious women in these unstable times ~ our innate female body-wisdom, the healing power of Mother Nature, and the truth that we find through our deeper connections with each other.

I’m a devoted mother, wife, Yogini, Celtic Folk Harp musician, Belly Dancer, avid baker and cook, herbalist in the Wise Woman oral tradition, Women’s Healing Practitioner in the way of Maya people, and Land Sanctuary Stewardess.


I’m in the midst of a multi-decade long {and multi-lifetime} passionate love affair with The Women’s Grove.

The Women’s Grove is a sacred place that lives as an echo, a memory, a longing in the psyche of every awakening woman on the planet. It is the most exquisite, safe, and sacred space I know of, where we do our essential Women’s Business.

As the bearers of life {whether we choose to give birth to human children or not}, we possess universal wisdom RIGHT HERE in these bodies. We ~ women ~ carry the seeds of evolution. We’ve been entrusted by Mother Nature herself to weave the fabric of the future generations, shaping the way the future people of the world will think, feel, and treat each other and the earth.

That’s why Women’s Business is everyone’s business to protect. And I’ve taken on this task as central to my life’s purpose.

In The Women’s Grove, we return to ourselves and each other unencumbered, uninhibited, undomesticated, and unleashedGetting Real here, we share the secrets of the Embodied Female Mysteries. Unveiling the potency, glory, grief, ecstasy, rage, creativity, and so much more ~ of our Original Female Power ~ She moves through each one of us uniquely, rebirthing herself again and again.

Here, we embody our longing for a world where unconditional love and body & soul nourishment are welcomed and met, female-ness is revered and celebrated, and our bodies are worshipped as Holy Ground.

In The Women’s Grove, we find ourselves resurrecting an ancient tradition ~ that’s written in our bones and in our bloods ~ where ‘waking up’ in a woman’s body is a collective experience, an incredibly delicious one, that benefits whole families and communities, and RESHAPES THE FUTURE of humanity.

We’re meeting here now, in The Women’s Grove together, to re-weave our tangled world into wholeness.

The Women’s Grove is our Loom, that which holds the fabric of our sacred Women’s Work. It is the container of our co-creation ~ a more beautiful, inter-connected Web of Life for all.


I stepped onto the embodied path of Women’s Spirituality nearly 25 years ago, at the ripe age of 19, and have gained a tremendous amount of education and experience of leadership in the field, since.

My relevant education includes training and certifications in

  • Women’s Temple Group Facilitation
  • 7 year intensive study of South Indian Sacred Temple Dance ~ Bharata Natyam
  • Shamanic Bodywork and Shamanic Journeying
  • Herbalism in the Wise Woman oral tradition
  • Mayan Women’s Healing
  • Mayan Abdominal Massage
  • Mediumship
  • Volvas Initiation
  • Seidr Ritual
  • Five-year Apprenticeship in the Medicine Tradition of the Kofan Tribe of Colombia
  • Ayurvedic Doshas and Pulse Diagnosis
  • Ayurvedic Postpartum Massage
  • Birth/postpartum Doula Training {DONA International}
  • And much more.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve lead thousands of women all over the world through practices, rituals, retreats, and teachings focused on the Embodied Female Mysteries ~ both privately and in groups, in person and online.

However, my greatest qualifications as a mentor and guide, are born of my own life experience.

As a forty-something, peri-menopausal woman, I’ve walked through many of the Female Rites, with courage, including the profound Initiation of natural childbirth at home, followed by a postpartum dance with death.

I’ve healed myself of a complex, persistent, debilitating, and mysterious chronic illness with herbal allies and faith.

I’ve sustained a healing marriage with my soulmate of 14 years, and we’ve raised and homeschooled our gifted daughter together to near Menarche. Recently, we manifested our family’s Vision of living on and co-creating a Land Sanctuary…and our little one is going off to 6th Grade, Middle School, in the Fall ~ at a 9th Grade reading level! {Homeschool mom-brag.}

I’ve maintained a daily Female Embodiment Practice for over 20 years {!} and have facilitated countless Seasonal Earth-based Rituals for my family and community. 

I have an overflowing cornucopia of life experience in my ‘basket’ to share with you!

Since a very young age, I’ve had the gift of sight. Psychic ability was inadvertently passed down through my mother-line from my Godmother to my mother, and down to me. Although it was frightening and unwanted throughout my childhood, I’ve come to see it as a gift to be shared in my adult life.

Over many years time, I’ve cultivated this gift of vision to now serve the specific purpose of seeing your most illuminated future, in relation to your deepest soul question. 

For two decades now, I’ve maintained a deep, intimate, and blessed relationship with Plant Allies, currently, in particular, the ones that my European female ancestors used for wellness and healing.

I believe that through resurrecting and protecting the miracle of The Women’s Grove, remembering how to receive the abundant support of the living Earth, healing plants, & guides; and re-establishing our authentic inter-connections with each other ~ we can overcome ANYTHING.

As humans ~ and especially women ~ we’re designed to thrive in connection.

Welcome Home to The Women’s Grove.

Thank you for meeting me here. I’m so glad that we’ve found each other again.

With love, 

Mariamne Artemisia Faith